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Why is my Bitcoin Smarter account limited?

Your Bitcoin Smarter account may be limited if you violate our terms of engagement. We require all users to register with accurate details. Your account will be permanently banned if you deliberately submit inaccurate information.

We also suspend accounts that have been inactive for six months. The underlying broker charges an inactivity fee of $50 per month. Your account may be limited if you do not meet our minimum trading balance requirement. You will automatically access all functionalities after depositing the required trading capital.

How do I withdraw my trading capital?

The matched local broker facilitates all the trading functions. This includes facilitating all transactions with traders. Therefore, withdrawals are facilitated by the broker.

We only work with quality brokers, so you shouldn’t have a problem withdrawing. All our partners facilitate withdrawals within a few hours. Moreover, they do not charge withdrawal fees. Fill out the withdrawal request form and click the submit button. You will receive an email confirming the request.

How do I apply the Bitcoin Smarter research tools?

Applying the Bitcoin Smarter research tools on your trading account should be easy-peasy. Confirm the asset classes you prefer trading and proceed to the next step. You will be taken to a page with a list of the most promising crypto pairs.

Click on the crypto pair you would want to trade to get matched with the relevant tools. Select each tool and follow the prompts to apply it to research the crypto pair. The research will generate signals to be applied to live trading. Test these signals on the demo first.

What is the Bitcoin Smarter account statement?

The Bitcoin Smarter account statement is a report generated from its blockchain-based system. The blockchain-based system records all activities on your account in a public ledger.

This public ledger is available to all trading participants. Moreover, it’s immutable and, therefore, cannot be altered. You can generate an account statement from the blockchain system to track all activities in your trading account. The accounting system also includes transactions through the underlying broker.


What is negative slippage, and how do I avoid it?

Negative slippage occurs when a trade is delayed and executed at a worse-off price. The delay could be a result of poor liquidity.

Poor liquidity occurs when there are insufficient buy orders to match the sell orders. The underlying broker must connect to quality liquidity pools for instant order matching. Slippage is positive when the delay leads to a better price. However, the best way to prevent negative slippage is to avoid all slippage.

Is crypto trading better than forex trading?

Crypto and forex are the most traded asset classes in day trading. Both asset classes have their pros and cons. Crypto has become quite popular due to its immense volatility trading opportunities.

This asset class is more volatile than the forex market. It’s, therefore, the best bet for volatility traders. However, the high volatility also results in high trading risk. The forex market is less volatile and, therefore, less risky.

What is a spread, and how does it impact my account?

A spread is a gap between the bids and the asking price. The brokers that charge spreads make money through a markup on the spreads.

A broker that offers tight spreads charges a very small markup fee. Those that offer wide spreads charge a high markup fee. You need to check the broker’s spreads before signing up with them. All the brokers connected to this platform provide highly competitive spreads. These spreads start from as low as zero pips. 

How do I calculate the trading commissions?

The trading commissions depend on the underlying broker. You need to refer to their fees guide to determine their charges.

You will also pay a small commission for using our trading tools. We charge a 2% commission on profitable trades. You make money once you are profitable. Moreover, we charge the lowest commission in our category. Most of our competitors charge up to 20% per profitable trade.