Tips and tutorials

No trading skill is required to build and implement trading strategies through the Bitcoin Smarter tools.

However, you must have the basic crypto trading principles at your fingertips to succeed. Not following these principles is likely to lead to a negative trading outcome. Read on for an in-depth look into these trading principles.

Master technical and fundamental analysis

Trading research happens through technical and fundamental analysis. Technical analysis involves the study of quantitative data. Price data is a good example of quantitative data. You can study historical price data to predict future price patterns.

The fundamental analysis revolves around qualitative data. Examples of qualitative data are market news and events. Analyzing the news and events should help you capitalize on news-driven price changes.

Familiarize yourself with the risk management process

Risk management is a great determinant of successful trading. You are likely to fail if you do not master the risk management process.

Quality brokers must provide adequate tools to help you master the process. We offer additional tools to help you manage risk effectively. The Bitcoin Smarter tools should help you minimize the trading risk by more than 50%.

The crypto markets are changing fast and hence isn’t possible to eliminate the trading risk fully. You should not put all your savings into crypto trading.