Top Reasons to use the Bitcoin Smarter Tools

Makes trading easy

We are committed to making the crypto trading experience fun and successful. The Bitcoin Smarter tools make the trading process extremely easy for the complete beginner. Anyone can use these tools to analyze the markets and generate quality signals.


Free for all users

We offer trading research tools for free. You can access them immediately after signing and account funding. Most of the tools we offer for free are sold for tens of thousands of dollars by our competitors. You should take advantage of our free trading license immediately since we could introduce a fee in the future.


Supports multiple devices

You can use our tools on your smartphone or desktop devices. The Bitcoin Smarter app is hybrid and therefore works well on all smartphones. You will find the app download link in the third email after completing the signup.



Live data

Bitcoin Smarter Features


Fun trading experience

We offer amazing trading tools to make your bitcoin trading experience exciting. The Bitcoin Smarter user interface is game-like to help you enjoy the trading process. All the provided trading tools are built with the beginner in mind. Most of those who have tried it report an amazing trading experience.


Advanced Trading Research tools

No other platform can match the quality of our trading tools. We have invested in the best trading technologies. Our platform helps you identify and capitalize on crypto trading opportunities as they occur. Some of the most successful crypto traders have attributed their success to the Bitcoin Smarter trading system.


Comprehensive Trading Resources

We offer a variety of resources to help you remain on top of the trading game. These resources include trading research tools. We also offer an events calendar and a news feed to help you stay up to date with the latest industry happenings. This is extremely important given the huge impact of breaking news on crypto price swings.


Is Now The Best Time to Trade Bitcoin?

The stable-coins collapse has sent ripple effects across the crypto industry. Bitcoin has lost nearly half its value since the start of the collapse. The crypto is currently trading at $30000.

Many analysts suggest that this is the best time to invest. The bitcoin dip is undoubtedly momentary. A rapid gain is expected in the coming weeks as the crypto boom of 2023 kicks in. This crypto boom could push bitcoin past $100,000 at the end of the year.

With bitcoin, the sky is never the limit. Analysts at leading WST investment banks have predicted that bitcoin could trade for $1 million at some point. This meteoric rise will be driven by accelerated mainstream adoption.

The mainstream adoption is imminent as corporations across the globe rush to introduce regulatory frameworks for crypto adoption. This industry has already passed the pilot testing phase and is now in the rapid adoption phase.

Any investor looking to make money on crypto should invest today. There are many ways to invest, but none beats speculating on crypto volatility. Volatility trading or price swings trading helps you earn from both the ups and downs. This is unlike the traditional buying low and selling high, where profits are only earned when the prices go up.

Bitcoin price swings trading happens through derivatives known as CFDs. These derivatives are popular across all asset classes, including FX, stock, market indices, and commodities. CFDs on crypto are new and unexploited. We help you exploit the amazing money-making opportunities in CFDs on crypto trading.

The Bitcoin Smarter tools make the CFDs on crypto trading easy for beginners. Our tools have been observed to improve the trading outcome by a high percentage. You can start your crypto CFDs trading journey with us and dramatically improve your chances of success. But don’t assume that trading is risk-free.

Evaluate your risk profile thoroughly and only invest what you can afford to lose. Your trading psychology and financial status determine your risk profile. Use the risk appetite test on our resources centre to measure your risk appetite.

The Future of Crypto is Bright! You Have an Opportunity to Succeed by Trading With The Right Tools!

The crypto industry has grown exponentially in the last ten years. Some cryptos, such as bitcoin, have gained from less than $1 in 2011 to tens of thousands of dollars today.

In 2021, bitcoin attained an all-time high of nearly $65,000 before correcting to about $45,000 at the beginning of 2022. The ongoing stable coins crisis has pushed it further down to around $30,000. You have nothing to worry about these rapid price swings since this is the nature of bitcoin.

Analysts across the globe are predicting a major crypto boom in the coming months. This boom will reportedly push bitcoin to unimaginable levels. Researchers at JPMorgan Chase report that bitcoin is highly undervalued.

The fair value, according to the researchers, is around $38000. Bitcoin is likely to experience a price correction in a few weeks and trade past $40,000. The price correction will be followed by a massive boom that will push it past the $100,000 mark.

Many analysts are upbeat that the $100,000 mark will be achieved before the end of the year. For instance, crypto researchers at Goldman Sachs predict that bitcoin will hit $100,000 if the masses continue to embrace it as a store of value. The coin reportedly holds more than 20% of the “store of value” market.

JPMorgan has further cemented the role of bitcoin as a store of value by recommending it to investors over real estate. The mainstream is embracing crypto in 2023 at a rate never witnessed before. Just recently, El Salvador has recognized bitcoin as a legal tender. Many governments are expected to follow suit.

The US, for instance, is in the final stage of developing a framework for regulating cryptocurrencies. This framework is likely to increase trust hence propelling massive adoption. Some leading experts predict that the massive adoption will drive bitcoin to $1 million.

With the future looking bright, this is the time for investors to get in the game. Bitcoin Smarter offers the tools to help you learn the ropes of profitable crypto trading faster. Our tools are super easy to use for the new trader.

We offer all these tools for free. You only need to complete the signup process and fund your Bitcoin Smarter account to get started. Invest as little as USD250 and use our tool to grow your investment into fortunes. Many have tried us and succeeded. Try us now and increase the chances of success in crypto trading.


Bitcoin Smarter App is Your Best Bet For Successful Trading! Trade Elon Musk Bitcoin News and Sentiments Like a Pro!

Successful trading is heavily influenced by the tools used to conduct trading research. A good trading research tool means high-quality trading signals. The high-quality signals translate to great returns for investors.

Bitcoin Smarter comes with advanced trading tools to ensure successful trading. These include a news feed that is updated after every few minutes. This news feed helps users trade news at high accuracy. The Bitcoin Smarter Elon Musk news trading tool has been identified to offer the best results.

This tool uses AI algorithms to recommend trades based on Elon Musk related news and sentiments. Millions of investors take the sentiments of this celebrity as a recommendation for investing. Any positive comments about crypto from this celebrity always trigger a massive demand hence pushing the prices up.

The Bitcoin Smarter trading research tools use an NLP algorithm to study news and predict bitcoin price direction. We offer high-quality research tools to ensure top accuracy and speed. Speed and accuracy are keys of success in news trading.

The Bitcoin Smarter news trading research tool is updated fortnightly to maintain performance in the highly dynamic crypto markets. Our team of quants is always on the lookout for new trading technologies.

By investing with us, you will be among the first investors to implement new trading technologies as they are introduced to the markets.

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